As a result of the latest attack at The Stables, Caroline’s horse has to be put down.

Radio Times: Tragedy for Caroline.

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  • Joe is despondent and ready to give in over the barn but Bert offers support; they tidy the place up, fill in the appeal form and post it, even though it there is a fee of £40. Once the roof is painted nobody will be able to say it is an eyesore. Joe still worries about Edward, though; he doesn’t see how the boy is going to get out of the situation he is in. He has seen it all before with Alf but he though Ed was smarter.
  • Ed is being interviewed for a pre-sentence report, though Eddie cannot see the point.
  • At The Stables all is quiet, even Scruff. Shula thinks that David and Ruth need a bit of support just now so she has ordered some of their beef. Goodnight.
  • At Keeper’s Cottage, Eddie seems more concerned about being implicated himself than with the fate of his son. Clarrie knows that something has upset Edward; whatever it is it must have been bad. Goodnight.
  • The dog is barking. The alarm is sounding. Shula, phone the police! Alistair heads for the horses. The victim of tonight’s attack is Moonlight; in trying to avoid his attackers, his foreleg caught in the hay net and it is broken. Shula rings Caroline as a matter of courtesy before Alistair does what has to be done.
  • When Caroline and Oliver arrive, Moonlight looks so peaceful. She rode him only at the weekend. He was Guy’s horse and it hurts so much.

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