Lower Loxley relaxes after a good day; at Brookfield the stress levels rise.

Radio Times: Nigel finds another project.

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  • The Lower Loxley Country Fair has gone well, particularly the demonstration of green wood-working which attracted a good crowd in spite of many other attractions. Phil had a go and Adam would like to have done but was too busy seeking strawberry pickers. If the opportunity arises again, he would be interested.
  • At Brookfield tempers are rising; David and Pip clash over her piano practice which she has not done. Adam rings about tomorrow and to seek ideas about pickers. He might try pick-your-own in which case, David suggests, he should talk to Neil and Mike.
  • Nigel has cracked open the last bottle of English wine, which all agree is very drinkable. Elizabeth is glad to put her feet up while Nigel plans some introductory bodging (green wood-working) courses next month and muses on another possible project – he fancies making his own wine.
  • Ruth heard a noise and came out to check, only to find a door banging and David, still stressed. The badger incident and the possibility of a summons is weighing heavily, not to mention the TB tests next week. Mercifully David has not heard from Lynda Snell in the last few days but even the thought of her quickly winds him up. She hasn’t a clue about the problems of farming; he would (almost) rather have devious Matt! Ruth tries soothing words about not letting Lynda get to him. Perhaps he should consider standing down from the PC; it’s an extra responsibility he could do without. Oh, no! David is not going to give Lynda or Matt the satisfaction of thinking they had forced him out.

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