A party is planned at Nightingale Farm as Roy and Hayley face moving to Willow Farm.

Radio Times: Will and Emma make plans.

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  • In The Bull Eddie and Clarrie despair of Edward; these days he doesn’t seem to learn and he won’t even listen. Maybe he will listen to Oliver Stirling. Roy and William bemoan their loss of the cricket match by 19 runs. William and Emma have an idea to put to Roy and Hayley: how would they feel about an engagement party at Nightingale Farm? The tenants having given their blessing, they will go to see Marjorie tonight.
  • Clarrie returns home to a full scale row between Eddie and Ed. She sits Ed down and explains that Eddie is reacting this way because he cares. Ed tries to justify his behaviour on the grounds that nobody got hurt, the victims being insured, and he was just trying to make some money for a car; is it so different from his father’s poaching? Clarrie points out that someone did get hurt, Ed himself, and there is no insurance for that. Further discussion is cut short by the arrival of William and Emma with great news: Marjorie has agreed to the party – on Friday. Ed storms off, Clarrie follows having declined Emma’s offer to talk to Ed. Who cares about Ed anyway? Certainly not William but Emma insists that he is invited to the party; he is William’s brother and Emma’s friend. However, as William points out, he is under a curfew.
  • At Nightingale Farm, Roy and Hayley are planning the party and reflect that Marjorie’s best memories were of the young people who have shared the house with her. However, it only highlights their own immediate problem; they really have no choice but to move in with Roy’s parents at Willow Farm.

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