Tom apologises, Neil accepts (after a little while!) but names his price; Sonja goes home happy.

Radio Times: Tom has to swallow his pride.

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  • It’s time for Sonja to go back to France, but first Greg must keep his promise to show her the butterflies. He makes a point of showing her the wildlife habitat he has created, to prove that game-keepers don’t spend all their time exterminating wildlife. Sonja is finally convinced, and father and daughter are at last on good terms. Sonja tells him how much she likes Helen.
  • With their forced move from Nightingale Farm imminent, Roy and Hayley go flat-hunting in Felpersham, but the flats are dreadful, certainly not suitable places for Phoebe to live.
  • Neil takes Susan out to lunch at the Bull. He’s spoken to Adam, and there is the prospect of work at Home Farm. Susan is less up-beat about it, perhaps because she still needs to work for Tom Archer, who appears in person with a fulsome apology to Neil. Realising he has the upper hand, Neil says he will consider coming back to work for him, but first he’s going to enjoy his lunch.
  • Greg and Helen take Sonja to the airport. Even Helen is upset, and Greg feels the need of a pint.
  • Having eaten humble pie, Tom is now struggling to do all the jobs. Neil says he’ll come back for an extra £1 an hour and a grand job title. Tom has no choice, so agrees – but he’ll have to cope alone until after the weekend, because Neil and Susan have other plans.

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