Fur flies as Lauren and Kirsty almost come to blows.

Radio Times: Fallon dishes the dirt.

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  • Tom and Kirsty are in the greenhouse rehearsing lines and she’s trying to convince him into posing for the calendar, but he’s having none of it. Although willing to strip of in here, though … as Fallon calls (for no obvious reason) and stomps off when she sees Kirsty, who’s amused by Tom’s “little puppy”!
  • Ruth and David are marvelling at the views from the London Eye (which is odd seeing as how London has been under low cloud for most of the last few weeks …). They plan present shopping for everyone and David would like to visit a particular butcher in Notting Hill regarding traditional beef. This they do – and David’s impressed at the prices they’re getting, and he’s sure that there’s a market in Borsetshire (to the likes of Jennifer, for example). Ruth is with him on this idea – perhaps a herd of 50 to test the market?
  • Lauren’s late for rehearsals and Kirsty’s a little short with her and can’t understand it. (One of the things they are about to rehearse is Kirsty brushing Lauren’s hair, something Kirsty tries to get out of.) When Kirsty goes off, Fallon feels there’s something Lauren should know about Tom …
  • As the rehearsal goes on (with Lynda not letting Kirsty off her role as Lauren’s hair-brusher) it goes from sounding like cats being strangled to distinctly catty behaviour … and Tom’s not around to see the both of them arguing over him. Lauren’s opening gambit of calling Kirsty a “lying hypocritical bitch” is parried by Kirsty claiming Tom was bored when he started with Lauren and now he can’t shake her of. It escalates, ending with Lauren storming off in tears, leaving the hall and leaving the production …