Hayley’s sure that Lauren can be got back and Phil’s keeping secrets from David.

Radio Times: Must the show go on?

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  • Phil is keen to follow up on Elizabeth’s idea that they get an opinion on the running of the whole farm, although Jill’s not sure how David will take it. Jill is also worried about Elizabeth’s health – she can’t seem to drop her work even though Beverly is fit and well and doing her job.
  • Lynda has decided that without a Yum-Yum, the Mikado cannot go on. There’s no-one to step in at such short notice, so she has little option. Hayley, though, is furious at Tom for thinking he could get away with it and for letting his personal life interfere with the show so fatally. She promises Lynda that she will get Lauren to change her mind. (Neither Lynda nor Roy are entirely sure how.)
  • Roy and Hayley are planning their first Christmas together in their new home, although Roy’s got to tell Jennifer that Phoebe won’t be spending the day at Home Farm.
  • David and Ruth are back home and outline their plans to Phil, who is intrigued by it and happy for them to research the idea further. He doesn’t, though, feel up to telling David about the fact that he’s already made an appointment with Alan for next week. He wants to hear what Alan’s opinion is telling David about the idea.