Jennifer turns her lens to beefcake while Phil turns his mind to beef cattle and other options for Brookfield’s future.

Radio Times: Jennifer steps forward.

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  • Jennifer is facing the prospect of Christmas without Kate; she has telephoned to say that she is well but did not mention coming home and Jennifer did not press her on the subject. At least they can look forward to having Phoebe at Christmas. Meanwhile another matter promises to divert Jennifer’s attention but she will have to return Tim’s call to find out what it is.
  • Phil and Jill return from church to find David and Ruth hard at work with the calves. They bring the youngsters up-to-date on Mikado developments, since they were away when the results of Tom’s two-timing came to a head. Phil will continue to practise, just in case.
  • Jennifer sets off on a mission to Honeysuckle Cottage. It seems that Tim wants her and her new camera to produce the material for the Borsetshire Beefcake calendar. With Simon and the two Tuckers among the subjects, Brian feels she is welcome to the job.
  • While looking out the Christmas decorations, David happens upon the Singing Christmas Tree which proved so popular with the kids last year and which drove him demented by twelfth night. A plot is hatched to get Pip to take it to Brookfield – wicked! Ruth and her Mum are planning a day in the shops next week, so Christmas shopping promises to be somewhat more advanced than usual.
  • Christmas preparations are also uppermost in Jill’s mind: making pince pies, getting rid of the afore-mentioned singing tree and ordering a turkey, but not from Grange Farm this year. Phil’s mind is on weightier matters: the long term future of the farm. He is preparing for another meeting with the consultant, still without the knowledge of David and Ruth. His aim is to ensure that Brookfield thrives when the present generations are gone. He must fulfil his duty, not just to his children, but also to his grandchildren and to the memory of his father. If others cannot see that – too bad.

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