Hayley plans to save the Mikado; Phil and David separately plan the future of Brookfield.

Radio Times: Subterfuge at Brookfield.

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  • Lynda is desperate to learn of Hayley’s progress in putting the Mikado back on course, so the news that Hayley is going to see Lauren does not hit the spot. It provokes a drama to rival the Mikado itself with Lynda declaring that the shame might drive her to leave the village.
  • With David and Ruth safely out of the way at the Borchester Prime Stock Show, researching their idea of a suckler beef enterprise, Phil can show Alan (the consultant) around Brookfield and appraise the whole farm.
  • Hayley does a good job flattering Lauren, in an attempt to get her back on board and save the Mikado for everybody who has worked so hard. Lauren realises that Kirsty is not to blame and is just as much a victim as she is; she doesn’t even care about Tom, now that Martin (son of a consultant surgeon and loaded) has come onto the scene. However, the idea of singing love duets with Tom is too much: she will not return if Tom is in the show.
  • David and Ruth are having a good day meeting lots of people who back up their enthusiasm. They are nearly ready to hit Dad with a business plan he would be mad to refuse.
  • In reporting back to Lynda, Hayley is economical with the truth. Everything is under control. She has an idea. Watch this space.
  • While the mice are away the cat can play. Elizabeth calls at Brookfield to see how Phil has got on with the consultant. There are two options: niche markets for high value special products or rationalise, simplifying the business to one or two enterprises. This will need careful thought on Phil’s part.

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