Hayley’s plan to save the Mikado develops; Tom is not going to like this.

Radio Times: The lights go on.

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  • The ladies of Ambridge are Christmas shopping before returning to the village to witness the big switch-on. With a court hearing pending, Kathy will not be joining them for fear of a confrontation with Sid. As she faces a rather different festive season, Pat assures her and Jamie of a welcome around the Bridge Farm Christmas tree.
  • Roy has now told Jennifer of the plan for himself, Hayley and Phoebe to spend Christmas at Nightingale Farm. She understands but is disappointed. She has no success at all in persuading Hayley to think again.
  • Jennifer attends the switch-on alone, because even Alice thinks she is too old at 12. She confides in Pat that, while the rest of the family have their various work and interests, she is really missing Kate and feels she is going mad; Pat understands. Still, she has a diversion in prospect with the calendar, although she is only doing it because it is for a good cause, The Borchester Rural Stress Line. She has got her equipment in order – let’s hope the men have too!
  • Hayley explains the essence of her Mikado plan to Brenda: it is a plot worthy of a musical itself. Lauren might be persuaded to return if, far from giving Tom a chance to gloat, she can actually pay him back; she would have to pretend to be so much in love with Tom that she will do the show – then later she will dump him for Martin. So how can Tom be talked into going down on bended knee to ‘persuade’ Lauren to come back? Only Kirsty could bring that about, so enlisting her help is Hayley’s next mission.
  • Oh! Ah! Aren’t the lights beautiful.

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