George has a sixth sense.

Radio Times: George has a sixth sense.

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  • Brian’s a little bit nervous ahead of the last shoot of the season – not least because Matt Crawford was around. In the end, it was Debbie who annoyed a Matt, he’d been trying to chat her up over lunch!
  • For the rest of the day Debbie was in the lambing sheds ably aided by William, who claimed to be on a study day but Debbie rumbled him and she was adamant that he wasn’t going to be abled to help if he was bunking off school.
  • Jack, assisted by George, has interviewed his new keeper, Carl Swift. George didn’t doubt his ability, but he was slightly concerned that he didn’t seem to have a real feel for the job (unlike his protegé William, helping him with the birds after his lambing duties early) with this advice in mind Jack offered him the job and he accepted.