Hayley feels betrayed.

Radio Times: Hayley feels betrayed.

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  • Hayley bumps into Marjorie – she might have found someone to live in the empty flat at Nightingale Farm – her! Marjorie is delighted with the idea and Hayley will move in as soon as possible.
  • Neil’s not feeling happy with lide as a skivvy on Bridge Farm (although that’s not that he doesn’t appreciate the work) so when Mike suggests that there’s a little profit to be made in sawing up fallen trees for firewood, he’s glad of the offer.
  • Pat’s pleased with Hayley’s news, unfortunately the reverse is not true – Pat and Tony have decided not to back the sausage schene at this point, but to wait until the re-branding of Bridge Farm is complete before looking again. Hayley is disappointed, but accepts the decision, although she’s not sure how Tommy will take it. This stoic pragmatism is sortle tested, though, when it becomes apparent that Helen, returned to Ambridge for the weekend, has had a direct hand in this decision.
  • Hayley’s round at the flat measuring up with Ruth, a previous tenant. Marjorie is delivering lots of cups of teas to the hard workers, but when one of the cups is dirty, Hayley starts off on a bit of a rant about the unfairness of forcing an otherwise healthy woman having to wait for almost a year to have her sight rectified. Ruth guesses that there’s more to it and Hayley admits that there is, that she’s sure that Helen is victimising her, that if the sausages were just Tommy’s concern, Helen would not have been trying to stop them.