George is not short of attention from both Ed and Will.

Radio Times: Caroline becomes concerned as the candidates prepare for battle.

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  • The election looms. Lilian has a plan – the unkempt verges look unsightly but sponsorship by local firms could smarten them up at no cost to the ratepayers. Jill has a plan – to enter the Britain in Bloom competition next year; Lynda will help.
  • At Grey Gables, Lynda is collecting signatures on a card for Roy – and money for a leaving present. Caroline has already contributed but Oliver makes a very generous contribution of his own.
  • George is the proud possessor of a new toy, a space warrior; Ed needs to do the milking but promises a fight when he is done. Emma reports that Will has offered to have George to sleep over on Thursday again; it helps Emma so she is happy and Ed accepts but is less pleased.
  • Things to come? Caroline has brought some work home. She hopes that Roy will not come to regret his move as she does; he is moving into a smaller job market: there are lots of hotels but not many Lower Loxleys.
  • Lilian and Lynda, with their new family tie, are squaring up for a fight at the election. Lilian is campaigning for faster broadband speeds; as for her other idea, Lynda points out that one man’s untidy wasteland is another man’s valuable wildlife habitat. The voters will decide.

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