Will decides to spend more time with George. Phoebe dreams of South Africa.

Radio Times: Kate is causing trouble and Will comes to a decision.

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  • Will is home early, hoping for a chat with Nic but she escapes with the excuse that she has forgotten to buy milk.
  • Phoebe is showing Peggy her considerable collection of photographs and sharing her desire to go back to South Africa as soon as she can. This obsession worries Peggy, all the more because Kate is encouraging it. They cannot talk further because Ted has arrived to take Peggy to visit his studio.
  • Back at Home Farm, Phoebe is just finishing a reply to Mandisa’s email; she wants Phoebe to live in South Africa. Kate rashly offers the suggestion that Phoebe could spend a few months living with her. Please, please, please – Phoebe is already halfway there.
  • Peggy has found the enamelling fascinating. Would she like to come again and try it for herself? She has time and we are never too old to learn so yes, she would.
  • Will seems to have got the message and has given up trying to corner Nic into talk of a baby, at least for now. He will take George down to the pens tomorrow and plans to ask Emma if George can stay over more often. He has decided he should spend more time with George and build a proper relationship with him – if Nic doesn’t mind. Of course not.

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