Will bids for more of George’s time. Pip’s new boyfriend is a hit.

Radio Times: There is an important visitor at Brookfield and Lynda is on a mission.

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  • Good news! Ruth has new yield figures and they are on target. Is David happier now? Not really: it’s just one week’s figures; it’s in the right direction but they are still making a loss. Pip reminds them that Spencer will be picking her up at about 6 o’clock and she has invited him to come in for a cup of tea. Even David will make sure he is in.
  • Will has George helping him with some new chicks; he finds them as smelly as his new sister. It seems that William has not given up on the idea of having another baby for he warns George that he might have another brother or sister soon.
  • In honour of the occasion, Ruth has made some brownies; they should be ok because she has used Jill’s recipe and followed it to the letter. When Spencer arrives David soon establishes that he knows his father and his farm too.
  • William and George bump into Emma on The Green and Will asks about George staying over on Friday as well. George is keen. Maybe they can do it on a regular basis.
  • Although Spencer’s farm is mainly arable he knows a bit about dairy and has already had the conducted tour of the dairy and is complimentary about it. When he has gone, they agree he was such a nice lad – the complete opposite to Jude. Life’s not all bad. Time to go down to the polling station.

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