George negotiates the return of his stag’s head.

Radio Times: George recovers an old friend.

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  • Lilian has been enjoying a last ride around Ambridge before flying back to Jersey for tax reasons but her horse has lost a shoe. Christine, welcoming a break from packing, has brought the horse box to retrieve both horse and rider.
  • George’s attention was on telling Matt Crawford that he had not properly closed a gate, so he was surprised to come across Chris as he thought she was packing; she was surprised too, as she thought he was sorting out the garage! Matt is sorry that Lilian will not be around for the shoot next week; several city acquaintances of Borchester Land are expected. He offers her a pick-me-up from his hip flask; she needs little persuading.
  • Helen is being instructed in the ways of the gamekeeper; Greg is making use of the George’s traps. Not so useful is the stag’s head which they agree is hideous but they don’t know where to put it. Helen does however have a useful suggestion about a birthday present for Greg’s daughter, Annette; she thinks a necklace would go down well and she will help Greg choose one nearer the time. She also delivers her parents’ invitation to lunch on Sunday; it is a little earlier than Greg would have liked, being very busy.
  • George appears, not entirely by accident, where Greg and Helen are working. He wonders how Greg has taken to the stag’s head. They explore the subject tentatively, neither able to be frank about their true feelings.
  • At last Lilian’s mount is installed in the horse box and Matt offers one for the road; she needs little persuading. Matt claims that there is usually a way round tax problems, so Lilian deduces she should have talked to him earlier but settles for talking to him later, when she gets back.
  • Eventually the future of the stag’s head is settled; they agree that Greg will store it until George and Chris are safely installed in the Police House and then George’s “old friend” will be restored to him. Chris will be pleased! Before George sets off for home, Helen cannot resist demonstrating Mitch’s trick of growling to the name of Crawford.
  • This leaves Helen and Greg alone to explore a little more of his past. He does not think the break-up could have been avoided but it could have been more civilised. Helen explains that her mum is twitchy about their relationship but she does not want him to reveal the details of his divorce and children, not yet. Maybe the meal will help, after all work isn’t everything, so he will come on Sunday.

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