The end of an era approaches; Phil and Jill walk the cows for the last time.

Radio Times: The old order changes.

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  • Kathy is encouraging Hayley that her plans for children’s visits will work well; there will be plenty of helpers, including Emma if required as she is super with kids. Hayley will remember to steer the mums in the direction of the shop. Hayley makes the suggestion that Emma might be prepared to babysit for Kathy to let her go out on the town; Emma, it seems, needs the extra cash.
  • Guess what they are doing at Brookfield, packing! As Jill packs her cake stands, it reminds her that she encountered Joe in the shop buying caster sugar and vanilla essence; they were not for Clarrie but for Joe himself and he complained that Clarrie was not giving him half the help he wanted. Is this related to Bert’s sudden interest in cake-making? Phil reports a visit from Oliver to say that there would be no hunting for at least the first half of the winter. Apparently Oliver will be taking delivery of some store cattle next week; he bought them by phone, so not as ‘high tech’ as the Archers. Whatever happened to looking before buying; at least they are from a friend, so they should be alright. David has collected the leaflets about the Hassett Hills launch and prevails upon Jill to give it a plug at the WI, the best network in the village. He has talked to Usha’s friend Mr Malik who will be there too but David does not have high expectations as he is in a very price-driven area of the restaurant market.
  • Kathy confides in Hayley that she has arranged for Emma to babysit when she goes out with Pat. She was a bit surprised that Pat was picking her brains about cooking roast lamb because Greg is going to lunch. Hayley had heard the rumour.
  • The milking parlour is a good place for David and Ruth to catch up on news. Josh has taken well to nursery and wants to go tomorrow as well; Ruth thinks he is in love with Megan. David has arranged for Bert to use the 60hp tractor and the two furrow plough for the competition. He knows that Bert really wants to make a point to Joe Grundy but, for the honour of Brookfield, David has given him the entry fee. There is no hard news on the F&P mystery but mum suspects matters of a cake-related nature. Jill and Phil appear, volunteering to walk the herd back to the pasture one last time. It will be funny not having them around; they have been there together for 30 years. There will be no more safety nets for the younger generation but they are determined to make it work and to keep Brookfield special.

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