Elizabeth remembers her childhood at Brookfield and Greg undergoes an interrogation over lunch.

Radio Times: Shula gets in first.

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  • Jill is in the last stages of packing, which includes cleaning the Aga so as to leave it as she would wish to find it, although David feels she will polish it away. She will be back for Josh’s birthday on Thursday and Phil will still be helping on the farm, although less than before.
  • Greg has enjoyed his lunch at Bridge Farm but has to suffer the Spanish Inquisition from Pat. Has he always been a keeper? What was he before that? What did his parents, for example, think about the change from teaching? Greg and Helen think she would do well in the police. Pat is not enthusiastic about Helen’s suggestion that she helps out with the beating at Tuesday’s shoot but as she points out, Pat has nagged her to take more time off, so that is what she is doing.
  • Elizabeth is helping to pack glass and crockery at Brookfield and feels that she is leaving too: her parents seem to be the custodians of her childhood memories. She would like a little jewellery casket as a souvenir; alas, big sister has already asked for it. However, she is delighted with a picture frame which Jill offers instead.
  • Helen is relieved to get away from her mother to say goodbye to Greg, although he is not concerned; he realises that Pat is doing her best as a loving mother. Against his better judgement he allows himself to be talked into going out for a drink on Thursday but Helen must be prepared for him to be dull, boring and exhausted. He observes that she is as determined as her mother but he loves her anyway.

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