Will the Archer family be ready for their house moves? Can Eddie erect Joe’s greenhouse in secret?

Radio Times: Eddie takes pains for Joe’s birthday.

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  • Eddie and his assistant are weighing up their new landscaping task, although Ed is more concerned with a conversation on his mobile about singers. The greenhouse must come down first but they are divided on how. Eddie has a vision of Joe relaxing in it, watering his geraniums, so it has to come down pane by pane; Ed sees it as rubbish, fit only for the dump.
  • Shula is checking up on the other members of her family who will be involved in the big move. Jill seems to have it in hand and Elizabeth is there to help but Shula thinks maybe she ought to go too. Alistair tempers her guilt by reminding her of what they might face at the stables.
  • Betty is pleased with the arrival of 250 more hens but Mike is not enthusiastic, seeing the venture as providing little more than pin money. When Eddie turns up with bits of old greenhouse he insists that Neil should be consulted before it is unloaded; Betty however discourages him from getting involved.
  • Shula’s next phone call is to the stables and she is rather worried by the response: Chris has gone out and George is talking to his vegetables. When he does come to the phone he explains that they cannot agree on what to throw away and what to keep for the memories. Will they be ready in time?
  • The forthcoming visit to Duchy Home Farm is exciting for Betty but Mike is underwhelmed. Of course he is pleased that the hen venture is going well for Betty and Neil but, in case she hadn’t noticed, things are not going too well for him: there is little casual work anf the supermarkets are taking the milk sales by making milk a loss leader.
  • Eddie finds it difficult to get a word in. Clarrie reports that the producer from Radio Borchester has phoned about the choice of music for Joe and seemed very pleased with the list she gave him, while Ed arrives with a bag full of things salvaged from the Barford’s skip at the stables. He also has news that Oliver Stirling’s beef cattle have arrived, bringing the prospect of work for him. Finally Eddie makes his point. Joe will have the best birthday in his life. The answer is a greenhouse, brilliant. To keep it secret, they will have to put it up on Monday, while Joe is at Gloucester. If William takes him early and Alf keeps him in the pub long enough, it will be dark when he comes home. Everyone is sworn to secrecy.

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