Packing away memories is hard, for Jill and for George. Greg gives in to Helen.

Radio Times: Helen takes some beating.

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  • Jill is determined that, when she moves out of Brookfield tomorrow, the house will be immaculate. Ruth wonders whether her family will be able to keep it like that.
  • At the shoot, Eddie cannot resist teasing Helen about her presence and purpose. She has seen little of Greg so far but as a meal break approaches he has a few minutes to walk with her. She must not let Eddie get to her.
  • Jill is confused. She has slipped away to have a moment to herself but is ready for company when Ruth finds her looking out of the bedroom window. The bedroom looks different; it has had Phil and herself stripped out of it. She has mixed feelings about leaving and about Glebe Cottage; she wants to go and she doesn’t want to go. She has spent so many years of her life here, happy years on the whole. She has been a farmer’s wife, so it is not just Phil who is retiring; whatever will she do with herself? Of course there are the hens and the bees, not to mention helping with the kids, but from now on she will have to be careful. Just as she had to make the effort to stop mothering David when he and Ruth were first married, she must now remember that the Brookfield kitchen is not hers any more. That was a long time ago and Ruth tells her firmly that she really will be cross if Jill ever fails to feel at home at Brookfield. They agree that Phil shall not know how Jill feels; anyway she feels better now.
  • In another snatched moment Greg assures Helen that he is glad to see her but he has so much to do. That is all there is too it; the events of Sunday play no part. It would take more than a few questions from her mother to stop him loving her. However, he really can’t make Thursday. After a few tears from Helen, he finds that he can make it after all. As he said before, like mother, like daughter!
  • Packing blues has descended on the stables too. Chris is packing, George is not. They need to work together. Things need to be thrown out even though they hold memories. They are looking forward to the Police House, although less so to their stay with Jack and Peggy. They have a lot to do but they will do it together.

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