The various Archers are safely moved into their new homes but Harry the hamster goes missing.

Radio Times: A moving day for the family.

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  • It’s moving day for the Archers. At Brookfield everything is under control. With help from David and Ruth and some well-practised removal men, Phil and Jill are on their way. David again prevails upon Ruth not to lift heavy boxes; this is noticed by both Jill and Phil but explained away as David being chivalrous. Even though they are likely to see each other every day, each generation reckons they will miss the other.
  • Shula and Alistair are also doing well but on arrival at the Stables, they find that Chris and George are a bit behind. However their attention is diverted by the discovery that Harry the hamster has escaped. Daniel had loaded him into the car but now the cage door is open. Their van has arrives and, since there can be no unloading yet, Shula had better head back to Glebe Cottage.
  • Nigel and Elizabeth are on hand to help Phil and Jill move in. Phil had an urge to carry Jill over the threshold but doubted he would manage it; it’s the thought that counts! They had just broken out the kettle and teapot when Shula arrives seeking Harry, unsuccessfully. At least she can express the wish that her parents will be as happy there as she has been. Alistair rings to report that Chris and George will be ready to go in an hour, so she had better start thinking of a good story for Daniel.
  • At the end of a very hectic and unusual day, Ruth and David have time to reflect on the dreadful news from New York. Their problems seem so insignificant compared to the thousands lost in the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center and they are powerless to help. But they are looking forward to their new life at Brookfield with their little family.

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