Jill contemplates life in her new kitchen and Joe experiments with cake-making in Clarrie’s.

Radio Times: Pat plays gooseberry.

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  • The morning after the move finds Jill and Phil in the garden. Of course they have not yet got the house sorted, although Nigel and Elizabeth had been very helpful; they were too helpful in fact, staying until 1am by which time the Archers senior were exhausted. David, on his way to collect Josh for his birthday swimming treat, checks to see how things were going. He and Ruth have coped with their first day as grown-ups.
  • Joe is experimenting with a Victoria sandwich cake; his style is the culinary equivalent of “by ear”. Eddie is not impressed with its appearance and Clarrie will not be impressed with the mess. Joe has seen Bert a-ploughing and thinks he would like to enter the Ploughing Competition too, so Eddie promises to ask around about the loan of a tractor and plough. Feeling neglected, Joe has issued invitations to drinks at The Bull for his birthday, so Eddie has to tell him that Clarrie had already arranged it as a surprise, which it still must be!
  • Greg and Helen are going out for a drink at a trendy pub. Yes, he is tired as predicted but he is a man of his word and out they will go.
  • Early evening and Glebe Cottage is beginning to look more like a home and less like a second-hand furniture store. Jill is feeling the effects of a hard few days but can now relax, unlike George who had called to say he is finding it a strain at the Lodge. She is beginning to plan some changes to the garden. She wonders too how Shula, and Phil’s Mum before her, managed in the kitchen without an Aga. Well, maybe they could get one; but not today, Jill is already asleep.
  • Helen, being young and trendy, is comfortable in a pub for young trendies. Greg, being somewhat older, finds that the loud music is not his scene. Soon back at Bridge Farm they kiss and make up; just the one kiss, though, before Pat arrives with coffee, eager to hear all about their evening.

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