George pokes his nose in.

Radio Times: George pokes his nose in.

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  • Shula’s promising to revise for her retakes, but Chris is sure that revision isn’t want’s required – it’s just a little less overconfidence.
  • George has found some details out about keepering qualifications (some of them don’t even require GCSEs, but one college, Sparsholt, does prefer applicants to have a few) and has even got Jack onside to offer William a position – if he’s qualified. William, though, is still playing hookey frequently with his own personal “study days”. He does seem quite interest – although it does mean more studying, which he’s not sure about. George has mixed feelings too, he wishes that he could have had someone like William a few years before, someone to train and hand Grey Gables on to, rather than watching Carl come along and dismantle all the hard work and high standards.
  • Neil offers his services at Brookfield (after being a little unamused that Mike has already been employed to cover the afternoon milking) and Phil hangs the expense – he really does need a hand with the pigs.
  • Lizzie’s been complaining to Jill about Nigel paying Julia’s debt – although Jill can see his point and hopes that her kids would be so understanding (although gambling debts and Jill don’t seem a likely combination!)