Elizabeth’s nose is out of joint.

Radio Times: Elizabeth’s nose is out of joint.

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  • The carpenters are being ominously quiet at Lower Loxley and Lizzie’s concerned that they’re just drinking tea and not working. She’s got her artist coming over later to finalise the catalogue for the next sale. Nigel, though, isn’t so keen (for financial reasons mainly) on her idea to convert an outbuilding into a permanent gallery.
  • Julia has changed her mind about the workmen, now seeing the sons of toil in romantic ways and casting them as her muse as she continues to dictate her magnum opus to Susan. Or rather her magnum opera as “Passion’s Plaything” is on the backburner, replaced with the heavily autobiographical “A Stage Door At Bridlington”.
  • Mrs A continues to struggle with her eyesight, she fumbles with coins and is finding tins hard going – but she can still bake a good scone!
  • Tommy visits Hayley and they’re discussing the continued sausage problem – they are keen to not lose momentum as the first batch flew out the door, but Pat and Tony (and Helen) are as keen that they wait.
  • Lizzie discovers that Nigel paid Julia’s debt for her and is absolutely furious. She would rather Nigel lets his mother swing – as they agreed rather than take the “easy option”. She accuses him of being pathetic so much like his mother that it’s depressing.