David has his nose to the grindstone.

Radio Times: David has his nose to the grindstone.

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  • Bert’s off sick with the ‘flu so it’s all hands to the Brookfield pump, especially as David is scheduled to be doing contract work at Home Farm. Jill offers deal with the kids and cook for everyone so that Ruth and David have a little more time for farmwork. Eddie’s angling for more work, but, at the moment, they just need his help with the lambing.
  • Clarrie, though, suggests that he might help her in the Bridge Farm dairy. Pat’s still ill, Helen’s at her work placement, Tommy and Tony are doing their own things, Tracy Horrobin hasn’t turned up and so it’s just her. Eddie wonders if this should entail higher rewards ….
  • Hayley’s playing nursemaid to Pat, changing her sheets and the like and Pat’s very grateful – until Hayley mentions that the sausages are selling well. Pat is utterly fed up with the problems they’ve caused and how they’ve set the family against itself. She asks Hayley to promise that no more will be made.