Helen gets up Tommy’s nose.

Radio Times: Helen gets up Tommy’s nose.

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  • Alistair’s lease on his flat is up and Glebe Cottage is not big enough so he’s sold some of his furniture and his giving Jill a large chest for Rickyard Cottage. They might have to consider moving on, but at the moment their worries over Daniel’s behaviour are of more concern – he’s still being a pain over sleeping.
  • Tommy’s shifted over 30lbs of the sausages already, but Tony’s still not particularly impressed. Pat’s in bed with the ‘flu and they might struggle to cope in the next few days.
  • Lizzie’s feeling a little dispirited over the building work at Lower Loxley, it’s noisy and ugly but it’s also starting to cost them bookings. She’s thinking about hosting her fortccoming art exhibition in a barn rather than the main building – and she’s even considering making it into a permanent gallery, maybe with a café!
  • Helen’s unhappy with the sausage issue too (although conveniently avoiding culpability when Tony asks why her designer friend still hasn’t delivered the finished label suggestions – his final year project was due, apparently) but she’s more worried about the future of the business, asking Tony if it’s ever occured to him why Hayley hasn’t moved on very fair in the year since John’s death. Maybe she’s just in it for a slice of Bridge Farm and, bluntly, that she’s a little gold digger?