Hayley versus Helen.

Radio Times: Hayley versus Helen.

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  • David’s at Home Farm to reassure Brian that he will be more reliable in future over the contract work. Brian’s sceptical as David’s reasons for being unreliable lately sound like normal run of the mill farming problems. He wants to talk it over with Debbie first, meanwhile Neil is hopeful that he might be in with a chance of regular work because of this, but this is dashed and he takes this out on David. Pointing out that David has his own farm to fall back on, unlike him, to whom contract work is everything. David points out that Neil wouldn’t have got the job even if Brian had wanted to find someone to replace David – he was talking of finding a contracting firm.
  • Hayley’s at Bridge Farm and Pat is feeling very disappointed in her. Hayley’s still sure that the sausages will sell, but Pat’s not so concerned about that as their deception. Later, Helen wanders in, back for the weekend, and is curious about the sausages, in full stirring mode. She attacks the quality of their packaging and points out (again) the possible damage that having the Bridge Farm name associated with this product. Hayley tries to tell her that it’s nothing to do with her but Helen’s busy trying to wind Pat up – but she doesn’t want to get involved and, as they continue to argue the subject, Pat heads off to her bed.