Tommy cops a packet.

Radio Times: Tommy cops a packet.

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  • George is being quite philosophical about the state of the Grey Gables shoot under Carl’s stewardship. He’s tried to offer his advice – but he’s just not been asked, he thinks his successor a fool but it won’t be his problem. Right now he’s more worried about William’s future. A few years ago he seemed to want to do nothing but keepering, but now George doesn’t recognise him any more.
  • Later George sees with his ferret and finds him up on Heydon Berro and asks him about his future, but it seems William is happy to try for a supermarket job, stacking shelves pays reasonably for an uneducated 16 year old. His new ferret is obviously the source of some pride, but he doesn’t seem to want to go into keepering. Even George offering to ask around the area to see if there are any openings doesn’t raise much enthusiasm.
  • Pat wants some help washing the dairy but Tommy can’t help, he’s off to pick up the sausages (although he can’t tell her that) she makes a comment about how it would be nice to have some support when she needs a hand, a common he throws right back at her. The stress of the whole situation is taking it’s toll as later she apologises to Clarrie for her outburst the other day over the date stemp issue, but Clarrie says that she probably merited some of it and says that she appreciates what Pat’s going through. Pat, at this gracious display of friendship, starts blubbing.
  • Tony comes in, mid-blub, to remind Pat that they’re invited to suppoer at Home Farm. She declines, saying that he can talk about organic farming for Britain so she’s not strictly necessary – and she’d rather not. While they’re chatting Tommy returns – with his big bag of sausages. His parents are astonished. He denies lying – he just didn’t tell them, but Pat especially is most displeased and orders him from her sight.