Leeks but no leaks.

Radio Times: Leeks but no leaks.

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  • Neil’s happy to be doing some well paid tractor work at Home Farm, although there will need to be a lot more of it if they are to have a comfortable year, financially. Brookfield’s continuing problems mean that David is finding it increasingly hard to be reliable in his contract work, so Neil may well be in luck.
  • Hayley and Tommy are round at No. 1, The Green to borrow their kitchen and, after a little reluctance to go behind Pat and Tony’s back, Susan allows them in – and even ends up helping them clean and slice the leaks for their sausages.
  • Brookfield continue to leap from problem to problem. No sooner does the flock seem to be clear off the pneumonia but Bert makes a small error and manages to drop the feed bucket into the feed mixer. Lots of metal scraping and a fair bit of cursing later the (expensive) machine is in a bit of a mess and it’s going to take a while (and an expense) to fix. David doesn’t beat around the bush when pointing the finger of blame – Bert, who knows he is at fault, gets a real rocket. Apologies are not good enough and David warns him that his future at Brookfield could be in doubt.