Pat will not stay put.

Radio Times: Pat will not stay put.

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  • Hayley and Tommy are loading the latest set of pigs for the trip to the abattoir and are busy trying to skulk around organising their subterfuge. Neil is not happy with their scheming – he thinks that if the idea is good then waiting a while won’t hurt. Pat, though, was all ready to travel with them so as to talk to their butcher, but at the eleventh hour, Tommy mentioned to Tony that maybe the mix up in the dairy could have been prevented with more hands on and Pat (reluctantly) agrees to stay behind.
  • They also manage to armtwist Neil into letting them prepare their leeks in his kitchen – and Tony almost catches them as they’re sifting through the sacks of leaks.
  • Brian invites Tony and Pat to dinner on Thursday. He has Jerry Morton, another Borchester Land director coming for supper and wants to be able to talk about organic matters.
  • Hayley is still having doubts about their methods. She’s concerned about what Pat and Tony, who’ve been so good to her, will think and how they will react when they find out.