Barmy rubble.

Radio Times: Barmy rubble.

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  • Julia is sneaking around Nigel’s back (and involving Jill, who’s at Lower Loxley to say hello to Lizzie) – she plans to sell the portrait of her late husband. She tells Jill that it’s so she can make a contribution to the cost of the re-roofing, but later Nigel is livid. He doesn’t want his father’s portrait to be sold to pay the latest installment of her gambling debts (which is where the bid from one of the customers of the last art sale would have gone). He offers some help – but this is the last time (again).
  • Lizzie’s fielding some calls from clients concerned about the possible disruption associated with the work. On the one hand she’s assured them that it won’t interrupt, but on the other, she’s getting fed up with them banging around outside the office window!
  • Tommy’s visiting the abattoir tomorrow with his latest load of pigs – and his mum is interested and wants to come along. He’s desperately trying to put her off (lest she find out about his going ahead with the sausages, presumably) and she’s curious about why he’s not keen.
  • Underwoods have been on the phone to Pat. It seems that a batch of yoghurt made up last week had the wrong date stamp on it. This, apparently, is one of Clarrie’s jobs and Pat flies off the handle with the old “if you want a job done properly, do it yourself” routine, which seems a little harsh on Clarrie as Pat’s mind has obviously been elsewhere in recent weeks and Clarrie’s been holding the dairy together.