A case of pn-ewe-monia.

Radio Times: A case of pn-ewe-monia.

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  • A traditional Sunday lunch at Brookfield is interrupted by Eddie, who’s minding the ewes in the lambing shed, coming in to inform of some very ill sheep, luckily Alistair is at the table and offers to go with David and look.
  • Phil and Jill reminisce over past meals interrupted by farming emergencies – they remember an incident, when Shula was a babe in arms, when Christmas lunch was interrupted by one of their bulls visiting The Bull and terrorising the customers!
  • It’s just a small outbreak of pneumonia, very quick to spread, but easy to treat and a good chance of recovery for the afflicted. He does suggest that having such a large flock in a relatively small space had contributed, but David points out that the profit margins in sheep have been such that recently they’ve had to squeeze things everywhere they can. Running a farm, he suggests, will never be any different.