Sid puts his foot in it.

Radio Times: Sid puts his foot in it.

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  • Hangovers all round at Bridge Farm – and not just Tommy’s from his first legal night’s drink. Everyone’s feeling a little delicate about their big bust up. Helen even recognises that she wasn’t entirely fair to Hayley, given how fond of her their mother is.
  • Kathy comes round to talk to Pat, offering a friendly shoulder and Pat tries to open up. It wasn’t that she was thinking of John yesterday, she was having trouble thinking of anything, that she felt completely blank, teetering on the edge of a black hole. It was only when visiting John’s grave that she felt anything.
  • Tommy thanks Hayley for being there last night, that she was the only one who didn’t make a fool of themselves and that Helen has almost apoologised. Hayley’s less happy when Tommy tells her that he plans to spend his birthday cheque on a vacuum packer for the sausage enterprise. She’s not sure as to how his parents will react, but he thinks that they can hardly complain.
  • Kathy brings Pat to the Bull for lunch and they’re about to start when Sid, who’s playing with dumb-bells behind the bar, drops one on his foot and seems to need to be taken to casulaty …