One year on.

Radio Times: One year on.

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  • Hayley starts the day by laying flowers on John’s grave. She can’t believe it’s been a year, what with everything that’s happened in the village in that time. The wound is obviously still raw, Mrs A comforts her as she cries and quietly takes her home.
  • Helen’s back to help celebrate Tommy’s birthday, but as he’s not at home she pitches in with a busy morning in the dairy.
  • Hayley visited their butcher in Birmingham yesterday and, whether there’s funding or not, next week they’ll be in possession of 50lb of sausages – Tommy’s happy with that as a birthday present.
  • Pat’s pulled out all the stops with Tommy’s birthday tea, only the guest of honour is late and arrives with Hayley, which pleases Helen no end. It degenerates from there as Tommy considers the cheque from his parents as a symptom of how they can’t spare real thoughts for him and that he’ll be forever in his brother’s shadow. As Hayley tries to mediate Helen has a go at her for even being there. Hayley points out that Helen’s rarely ever at home, Pat and Tony are stuck in the middle and some more barbs are thrown around. Tommy storms out with Hayley chasing after him.
  • Later in The Bull Tommy’s (legally) drinking with his friends as Helen and Tony come in looking for Pat, she went for a lie-down but is now nowhere to be found. Helen thinks she might have come to see Kathy, Tony hasn’t a clue, but Hayley guesses and goes off to look.
  • She was right and the evening starts as the morning began, by John’s grave. Pat’s talking to her son and telling him how much she misses him, Hayley appears and they talk a little of John. Hayley reminds her that Tony and her other two children are still here and that they need her too and they go off together to go and find them ….