Shula takes her test.

Radio Times: Shula takes her test.

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  • Pat’s not looking forward to tomorrow, not only is Tommy’s birthday still causing a little concern – she and Tony have, strangely considering what he’s likely to do with it, opted to give him a “large” cheque rather than a prsent.
  • It’s not just the present that’s causing Pat to be a little off colour, Tommy’s birthday will bring back all the memories of 25 February, last year. Of John being late to take Tommy out for a birthday drink, of Tony going out to look for him and of the everpresent pain in the year since.
  • Shula’s taking the next round of exams in her horse-riding instructors course and overconfidence knocks her off, she’s become so used to dealing with horses that trust her that she makes some elementary mistakes in her horse case exam and fails the whole thing.
  • Julia needs to find £2,000 by next week – so even going on commission at Lizzie’s art sale next month won’t help much. Nigel, meanwhile isn’t around to talk to her – he’s off scaling the scaffolding. Lizzie suggests that she sell some of her large wardrobe, after all, how many furs does she need (especially now they’re coming back into fashion). Although Lizzie doesn’t feel the need to buy, Julia leaps onto the idea.
  • While she’s in the Bull hoping to put up an advert, Julia tells Clarrie the story behind on the furs she’s not selling – her first present from Gerald, Nigel’s father, a gift in 1947, “to warm her heart as she warmed his. Clarrie’s very taken with the story and asks if Julia had but this in her novel. She hadn’t but rushes off as if she’s about to ….
  • Alistair wants to take Shula out to dinner to make up for her failing her exam, Lizzie’s babysitting but Daniel, initially happy for his mummy to be taken out, is playing up again. He asks when Alistair is going home, Shula’s worrying that he’s getting jealous. When she explains that he’s not going home, that he lives with them now, Daniel’s perfectly happy for mummy to go.