William will not listen.

Radio Times: William will not listen.

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  • Brookfield’s calves are off to market and, in the nicest possible way, Ruth and David and glad to see the back of them. David’s had an idea about how some more economies might be found – rather than buying their meat from a shop, he’ll get the abattoir to hold one animal back, he can even sell some of it to people like his sister!
  • Shula’s not looking forward to her horse-riding instructor’s exam tomorrow, but she’s more concerned with Daniel’s continued playing up – even though everyone (her mother, Caroline) is telling her not to worry and that he’s just getting used to life as a family of three, rather than two.
  • George is up with the Grey Gables birds and is unhappy with the way Carl’s handling them. He bumps into Caroline up there, who’s after Carl to talk to him about his handling of Grey Gables’ female staff and that Jack is unhappy with the way he’s, erm, playing the ladies’ man.
  • William’s up at the pens too and George is trying to lay down the law. William’s adamant though that, despite what his mother says, he just wants to be a keeper and George, at least to Caroline, is sure that William could be a natural. (Which is a potential outcome as Carl has, it seems, spoken to Jack about an assistant.)