Grange Farm herd have no TB reactors. Fallon volunteers to be Jill in the panto.

Radio Times: Prayers are answered for Oliver and Lynda.

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  • Alistair greets Ed on arriving at Grange Farm to test the herd. Mike arrives. Later, Ed finds Oliver; no reactors! There’s still another test next year but Oliver breaks open a bottle of sloe gin for them all.
  • Lynda’s outpouring woes to Fallon when a very well oiled Alistair and Oliver arrive at the rehearsal hall. An unusually courageous Alistair tries to deny Lynda her completely impossible talking harp, but it’s fundamental to the plot and incremental in the build-up to the eventual denouement! He gives ground but leaps on the waterfall; it’s pure set dressing! Now Lynda yields, but retaliates, wanting a spectacular beanstalk.
  • Oliver’s first attempt at recording the threatening, doom-laden, venal voice of the giant terrorising the village doesn’t pass muster. His next collapses in giggles. The third turns into a rap extolling Grange Farm’s dairy products! Poor Lynda.
  • Shula visits a sniffling Kenton. He texts Lynda his rehearsal apologies. Shula tells him she’s worried that Alistair will be dragged back down to gambling in trying to help Ryan. Kenton will keep an eye on him.
  • Lynda, text received, bemoans another shambles until Fallon says she’ll be Jill to Sabrina’s Jack and Lynda’s delighted; Fallon single-handedly brings new life to the Ambridge pantomime!

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