Grange Farm is still not clear of TB.

Radio Times: Grange Farm goes under examination.

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  • The cows are all ready, Alistair is late and Oliver is tetchy. Ed has not noticed any signs of a reaction. Oliver is taking Joe’s remarks about minerals in the diet seriously.
  • Alistair is delayed talking to Jill and Phil about Shula’s experience. Jill is very angry on Shula’s behalf, though Phil recognises that she has put herself in an awkward position. Later Jill has a phone call from Diana, a holiday acquaintance. She invites Jill to stay; Phil assures her that he could manage for a week.
  • Sadly, three of the Grange Farm cows exhibit a reaction; they will have to be slaughtered. Oliver’s frustration boils over; though Alistair has few ideas, Oliver feels they must try something. He almost feels like selling up and getting out.

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