Borchester Land make waves in Ambridge.

Radio Times: David fears the shape of things to come.

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  • Ruth and David are late for a meeting of Ambridge Heat and Power; Annabelle and Matt are impatient to get started, so Adam gives an update on where the grant applications etc have got. Matt is rather scathing about achievements to date.
  • Meanwhile Pat has her own Borchester Land issue to follow up with Rodway’s man Graham Ryder. He tells her that her tenancy agreement allows the landlord to develop parts of the farm. She should talk to the landlord. She will!
  • Annabelle wastes no time in querying the size of the plant; the consultant Carl had ruled out a bigger enterprise, taking food waste, but was his advice sound? David recalls the undertakings given at the village meeting but Adam sees a positive aspect to counter Pat’s objection to growing crops just for the digester. So Annabelle has a green light to explore a larger plant, without commitment and subject to discussion with Debbie.
  • David and Ruth are unhappy about the way the meeting went. When Adam wobbled, Matt pushed and got his way. Is this the pattern of things to come? He and Annabelle are a formidable team. David fears that the village will be up in arms if they go for a bigger plant.
  • When Pat calls, Matt admits he owes her an apology – but only for not warning her in advance that this application was coming. Protestations about the importance of the Pack House to their business cut no ice. If BL don’t withdraw Pat promises to get the best professional advice and fight them all the way.

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