Is Matt doing the dirty on Pat and Tony?

Radio Times: It’s ‘All Change’ at Bridge Farm.

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  • The chat in the dairy is of Pat’s successful meeting and of the latest gossip from the village shop, where Usha was heard telling anyone within earshot that Shula was the one who talked to the Echo – could she be deliberately tarnishing the reputation of ‘Saint’ Shula?
  • Lynda bumps into Will and does her best to make up for mistrusting him over the Red Kite. If anything she makes matters worse.
  • Helping Tony with his silage, Eddie has a favour to ask. He has to do a risk assessment for the Grundy field, which will open as part of Farm Sunday, and he wants an independent assessor.
  • Pat catches up with Adam to report on her meeting but is dismayed to find him uninterested. He thinks it is all on too small a scale. He further surprises Pat by declaring that he is in favour of GM crops. There are two minds that will not be meeting any time soon.
  • Tony gives the Grundy field the once over and is satisfied, apart from some minor tidying up. Eddie plans to scrub out the cider shed, from where Clarrie is expected to serve teas – does she know? Joe is miffed that they cannot make a charge but he settles for a cunning plan to charge unsuspecting motorists for car parking.
  • Pat is surprised to find in the post a letter from the Borough Council about a planning application for a four-bedroomed house on their farm. Would Matt do such a thing without any consultation? Surely Lilian would have said something. It must be a mistake – mustn’t it?

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