Shula’s remarks to the press have branded her a racist.

Radio Times: Shula remains branded by her actions.

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  • It’s testing time at Grange Farm: Alistair is repeating the TB tests; the results will be checked on Thursday.
  • Jill is a bit sceptical about Shula’s reasons for her non-appearance at church yesterday; Jill had heard about Usha’s visit. Right now, Shula has more pressing matters – a horse with a cut.
  • At Bridge Farm, Pat and Tony are preparing for their transition town meeting. Oliver can’t come but has been recounting to Tony his theory that the badger TB problem is down to mineral deficiency.
  • Alistair has attended to the horse’s cut but when Shula rang the owner, something awful happened. Over a G&T, a very up-tight Shula explains that Mrs Lane mentioned the Echo article; she was pleased that Shula had spoken out but for the wrong reasons – she is clearly racist and thinks Shula is too. Who else thinks that?

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