Usha launches a counter-attack on Shula.

Radio Times: Forgiveness doesn’t come easily for Usha.

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  • In such good weather, silage is going well at Brookfield so David is reluctant to break off to take display boards to St Stephens – but Ruth has promised Usha and will not let her down, especially in the light of her recent experience at the hands of another Archer.
  • Usha is very busy in the garden and Alan offers her the opportunity to back out of helping get the church ready for tonight’s bird-life talk; she will have none of it: she is not going to hide away. She is still incandescent about Shula’s behaviour, though Alan suggests that Shula already realises she has let herself down.
  • At the Young Farmers’ event, Pip anxiously awaits the result of the stock judging competition. Jonathan is busy helping Izzy get some burgers for them all and Pip is less than impressed about this.
  • With Lynda directing operations, preparations are well in hand for the bird talk and film tonight. Lynda rather tactlessly asks whether the local press will be coming.
  • Pip came a creditable second in the stock judging but Izzy won the dancing and Jonathan has a vantage point to watch her victory dance – in a costume that leaves rather too little to the imagination for Pip’s taste. Could this be a touch of green eye? But Ruth assures her that he cheered very loudly when Pip was dancing.
  • Lynda notices Usha’s reaction when David suddenly enters with the display boards. Usha reveals to Lynda that it was Shula who spoke to The Echo. Usha wishes that more people realised how destructive Shula can be – well she has told the right person to make that wish come true!

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