Greg and Brian do not agree over the revised shoot plans – but Brian is the boss!

Radio Times: Things go to plan for Adam.

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  • Greg is explaining his revised shoot plans to Brian; they are not as good, in Greg’s opinion, as the original ones but they meet with Brian’s approval and, as he is quick to point out, it is his decision. The plans involve Brookfield land and although David has agreed in principle, he has not yet seen the detailed plans.
  • Jack is keen to take Peggy away straight after Christmas for some winter sun. Surely he hasn’t forgotten that in January she will be looking after The Bull while Sid and Jolene go to New Zealand. They will go in February instead.
  • At Home Farm the strawberry tunnels have arrived; there are mountains of the stuff, like a big Meccano. Two chaps are coming on Monday to show them how to erect it. Allegedly a team of six can do it all in two days; so Adam just needs a team of six.
  • While enjoying a lovely afternoon, George explains to Jack about Chris’ sleeping problem. Greg joins them, still grumbling about Brian bloomin’ Aldridge and worrying about the use of Brookfield land for his shoots. George’s advice is to let Brian and David fight it out.
  • Jennifer is planning meals, including a vegetarian one for Amy when she stays over tomorrow. She has ordered a Grundy turkey but Peggy is worried about hygiene; there is no electricity and no running water where Clarrie will be preparing them. As they look ahead to the staff drinks party, Brian carelessly recalls last year’s; Jennifer admits that, despite the brave face, she never felt so bad in her whole life. Brian declares that they will not let the past blight this Christmas; they can do it, he and Jennifer together.

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