Luke turns up again, perished and seeking shelter; how can a vicar refuse.

Radio Times: Clarrie gets her hands dirty.

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  • Alan was under the impression that Santa had a team of elves to help him but this one (aka Joe) is struggling alone with a trap full of camouflage netting. Joe is not very forthcoming about its purpose.
  • Clarrie is plucking turkeys and it’s cold in the shed but the stove is choking her when the turkey feathers get near it.
  • Alan discovers Pat tending John’s grave and dispenses comfort, drawing on his experience as a widower; Christmas is not the same. He will be all alone tonight, so an invitation to the Bridge Farm party is most welcome.
  • Seventy turkeys are done and Clarrie heads for a hot bath, leaving the men to clear up and wrestle with the camouflage netting. It hides the turkeys but Clarrie thinks it looks fishy.
  • Helen is glad to hear that Brian and Jennifer are not coming to the party: Greg is fed up with Brian, although otherwise he is in a good mood and so looking forward to the girls coming.
  • Eddie!!! Oh dear, Clarrie has discovered her purple tights. Eddie’s ploys include deceptive shop lighting and “purple is the new black” but she seems incapable of working it out, even when offered some sloe gin. (Hint, Clarrie: look at the lovely purple colour!)
  • Alan is on his way from the party as the Grundy’s arrive and Clarrie’s tights are admired – what a lovely colour, where did you get them?
  • When he gets home Alan finds Luke, very cold and shoeless; his trainers were stolen in the hostel. He didn’t know where else to go. The vicar can hardly leave the lad on the doorstep to die of hyperthermia.

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