Luke will stay another night, so Amy must extend her sleep-over at Home Farm.

Radio Times: Lynda’s rehearsal goes awry.

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  • In the shop, Lynda complains to Susan about some people’s level of commitment, completely oblivious to the problems that working people face to come to a Thursday afternoon rehearsal. Even the devil has let her down. (Well, isn’t that just typical!)
  • Luke has enjoyed a good night’s sleep and this morning Alan has cancelled appointments to take him to the drugs clinic. First, he must eat.
  • The rehearsal is going very slowly. The manger has to be moved for a clearer view. Then they must wait for the afternoon classes to trot by: Lynda did say it would be over by 2 o’clock!
  • On the way back from the clinic, Luke is disappointed in how little they could do for him. Alan is much more positive, emphasising that he has been clean for 8 days. He can stay again tonight. As they pass Brookfield, Luke recognises it as the place he stayed as a kid.
  • Now it’s raining but rain shall not stop play. Alistair kneels in something the horses left; Kenton could see it coming but did not warn him. (Isn’t that just typical too!) What if it rains on the day? Shula wouldn’t mind them using the indoor arena. Alan has to break off to take a call from Amy and explains that she will have to stay at Home Farm again.
  • However, Amy gets home first and meets Luke, who doesn’t look like a drug addict and is engaged on a drawing that Amy thinks is brilliant. Alan is really sorry that he was late and left Amy alone with Luke. She thinks he is really sweet and appreciative of her dad’s help but Alan insists that, just for tonight, she must go to Home Farm. He will sort something out tomorrow.

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