Greg and Helen make a fresh start; David and Ruth can’t believe it’s happening to them again.

Radio Times: Potential disaster at Brookfield.

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  • Ruth finds Hermes in the lane, snagged on the wire. Lynda has been looking for him and thinks he’s run off because he’s jealous of the llamas … (whatever next?) Alistair stops on his way to a call in Darrington and tells Ruth he’ll be over later to do the TB follow-up test. He also mentions having seen Joe in the village with a new coffin-shaped notice on his trap saying ‘Foursquare RIP’! Lynda is definitely NOT amused! But apparently Foursquare hasn’t been back on the web and she hopes they can now get back to matters of more importance. One thing is certain, she’s not going to reveal who he is.
  • Greg has turned to George for some advice about his current domestic situation. He’s worried that if the girls come over and he and Helen can’t spare enough time to keep them well-occupied, they would get bored and then who knows what might happen? George stresses how important it is for Greg to maintain his relationship with the girls – he (George) always regrets the relationship breakdown with the children of his first marriage. Greg agrees that Helen has made a very generous offer of help and that he was greatly at fault last night with what he said. Greg should judge how important it is to him not to lose his daughters.
  • Ruth and David are adjusting the crush before Alistair arrives. She’s got the potential problem on her mind and dreamed last night about the cattle. They briefly chat about Elizabeth and Usha’s tête-à-tête the other evening and wonder if they will bond successfully.
  • Greg catches Helen as she leaves the shop for lunch. He wants to talk.
  • So far 65 of the cattle have tested clear. Alistair reminds David about nets on Friday. David hopes all the publicity that Adam has had recently hasn’t gone to his head. Lynda blusters in, concerned about where her podium will be so that she can commentate successfully on the wife-carrying race. She seems quite unable to realise that this is neither the place nor the time for such a discussion. Alistair has to tell her to GO AWAY!!!
  • Greg is full of remorse over his outburst last night. He doesn’t blame Helen for walking out. He won’t let it happen again. Without her he doesn’t know how he would have got through all this. He really does love her. Helen says she was really upset and unsure and just had to get away, but agrees to a fresh start. Greg says she might be right about the girls coming to stay and he’s going to think about it.
  • Ruth tries to explain to a miffed Lynda why Alistair gave her short shrift. So how was she to know? Ruth then tells her that Usha has asked Alistair to do the commentary. Lynda throws her dummy completely out of the pram and leaves as David comes in with some devastating news – there are two reactors so far and there may be more. Oh, no – not again …

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