Joe waits in vain for Foursquare; Greg goes a bit too far and waits in vain for Helen.

Radio Times: Sparks fly for Helen and Greg.

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  • Outside the village shop, Pat is surprised to see Sid running round the pond with a sack of potatoes on his back. Of course he, too, is practising for the wife-carrying competition, which Jolene is quite happy about as long as Sid doesn’t start taking the potatoes to bed with him! Susan arrives with the good news that she has got the part-time secretary’s job at the school. She’ll be able to fit in her other jobs but at least give up the ironing. Joe arrives with Bartleby, and reminds them that he’ll be in the Bull tonight for the showdown with Foursquare.
  • Helen is helping Tony move the poly-tunnels, but everything is getting on top of her and she bursts into tears as Pat arrives. Greg just doesn’t want to talk about having the girls over for the summer. Pat suggests that both of them must be due some time off and that she and Tony could help out for odd days. Greg has got away early and calls for Helen – he declines staying for supper but Tony suggests meeting later in the Bull to see the outcome of Joe’s showdown.
  • Five minutes to go and still no sign of Foursquare in the Bull. Sid can’t take it seriously, but Joe isn’t laughing. Meanwhile Helen is trying to amuse Greg. Tony arrives, he hopes, in time for the action – Foursquare has complained about the mess his cows make in the lane! Greg doesn’t like the fact that Helen has suggested the girls do come over for the summer. Michelle is only doing it to make him feel guilty. It won’t work. Helen is willing to give up some time to make it work and reveals that Pat has offered to help. Greg goes completely off it – Pat only tolerates him for Helen’s sake, thinks he’s a lousy parent, has to grit her teeth even to say hello, she should keep her nose out of it. Nothing would please her more than to see them split up … Helen won’t hear any more and leaves. Fifteen seconds counted down and who appears at the door? Susan Carter! She’s only looking for Neil, but is highly amused by their temporary suspicion of her. Joe is triumphant – Foursquare has chickened out – so he’s won!!
  • Helen rings Greg to tell him she’s staying at Kirstie’s tonight. They both need some time out – they can talk about it tomorrow …

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