Adam’s business and social attributes are the focus of everyone’s attention, it seems!

Radio Times: Crossed wires at Home Farm.

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  • Jill and Usha are having a mini Fete committee meeting. They are in total agreement with most people that Lynda is the last person they want as commentator for the wife-carrying. Give her a microphone and she just becomes power crazy! They must try to think of someone else, but it’s not going to be easy. Jill can’t believe how typically mean Lynda is being over the Grundy’s pole barn – it’s not even as if it spoils her view. Elizabeth calls for her eggs – they ask her if she’ll do it but she probably won’t be at the Fete as they have their own do on that day. Jill is about to visit Marjorie, so Elizabeth offers to run Usha home.
  • Adam’s deer has been butchered, packed and chilled, courtesy of Tom. Jennifer and Adam are going to market it at Hollerton on Friday. Brian will have to get on and buy a chill counter. Tom reckons Adam’s leaflets are pitched just right for the people carrier brigade at the farmer’s market, and that he should advertise himself ‘as heard on Radio Borsetshire’! Apparently, according to Brian, Peggy was very impressed with the interview and is his No. 1 fan – but Tom knows better … !
  • Marjorie’s house is up for sale, but she can’t move out until she is sure of a place at The Laurels. She is still worried about Roy and Hayley having to move but Jill tells her she has been a marvellous landlady and friend to them.
  • Usha tells Elizabeth that since her birthday party, Aunty Satya has given up trying to find her a mate! It’s a great relief and she’s going to forget about men and concentrate on her career for a change. They chat about the problems of finding a commentator for the wife-carrying race, and Elizabeth suggests Alistair. After all, he is organising the race. Usha agrees and will ask him tomorrow. The girls have enjoyed their chat and promise themselves another soon.
  • Adam is checking the combine in readiness for harvesting Home Farm barley on Thursday. Brian has phoned about the chill counter and they agree to check it out tomorrow night. He hopes it won’t get in the way of any social plans Adam may have. Brian speaks complimentarily about ‘a pretty young reporter’ and how he wouldn’t mind being invited out for a drink after being interviewed by her. Adam tentatively prepares to be honest with Brian about his sexuality, but Brian thinks Adam is going to chide him for improper intentions towards Brenda! Luckily Tom arrives with Adam’s mobile, Brian invites him in for a drink, and Adam decides to carry on working … phew!

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