Will Joe and Lynda ever see eye to eye about anything?

Radio Times: Joe’s on fighting form.

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  • Lynda, on Joe’s trail, is less amused than George at his attempts to make Foursquare break cover. She reckons Joe has gone too far by issuing a challenge on the message board – he wants a meeting face to face in the Bull at 7 o’clock on Wednesday evening. George can’t understand why Lynda won’t reveal Foursquare’s identity, so that the whole thing can be settled peacefully but she is adamant about the need for confidentiality. Joe appears and Lynda immediately lays into him about the message board. He is more concerned about the letter he’s received referring his pole barn to the planning committee. Suddenly Lynda is late for work and rushes off!
  • At Brookfield, David is expecting Alistair to start testing the herd for TB. That case at Bank Farm is a bit too close for comfort says Brian, assuring David that he and Adam will be coming over next week to harvest the barley. Adam’s venison venture won’t get in the way of any other work. Brian remarks drolly that even though half the girls in the village are falling at Adam’s feet he hardly seems to notice.
  • George meets Greg, who responds to questions about his family problems in his usual depressed way. Greg mentions that Brian has been on his back too and George sympathetically says that Brian can’t possibly blame Greg for the thefts – they’re happening all over the place at the moment. On balance, Greg thinks he would prefer to deal with Brian than Michelle
  • Alistair tells David he has seen Eddie running round his field carrying a bag of compost – practising for the wife-carrying contest, no less. He’s absolutely determined to win now that he knows the prize will be his wife’s weight in beer!
  • Lynda is in the Bull looking for Robert and Alistair. She seems to think that nobody else will be suitable to commentate on the wife-carrying contest and wants to offer her services. Joe accosts her first though, about her objections to the pole barn. Lynda counters with the threat of banning him from the message board if he doesn’t stop this challenging nonsense with Foursqare. OK, Joe will drop his challenge if she will drop her objection. No, that’s blackmail, and anyway there are other objectors, and there will soon be many more when she gets round with her … oh well, it’s only fair to warn him, petition!

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