Grumpy Greg causes Pat to yet again question Helen’s choice of man; Brenda’s choice of man is yet again questionable;

Radio Times: Paternal problems for Greg.

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  • Greg seems neither relieved to be home after his flying visit to France, nor happy about the outcome. He had the chance to talk it through with Sonia when she returned home after her two nights missing. Perhaps he got through to her. At least he was there for her, stresses Helen.
  • The cricket isn’t going well – Roy is shattered after house-hunting all day yesterday and Adam’s possible third century for Ambridge is slow to accumulate. Brenda is there to interview him after his innings and Tom teases her about being interested in more than just his form …
  • Greg doesn’t mind going to Bridge Farm for their Sunday evening meal – it’ll save them cooking. But he irascibly reveals that Michelle wants the girls to come to England for the summer holidays. Helen thinks it might be a good idea. Greg thinks Michelle just wants to pass all the responsibility onto him.
  • A dubious (according to Tom) LBW decision puts paid to Adam’s third century, but Brenda’s interview hails him as the rising young star that is giving sleepy village cricket its wake-up call. Adam agrees to her buying him a drink at the Bull.
  • Pat wants to talk about Greg’s problems with his offspring, but he doesn’t. Helen shuts her up. Tony wants to talk about problems he had with his offspring, but Helen doesn’t. Pat shuts him up. (Boring or what?)
  • Adam and Brenda are still talking cricket. She really wants to know why bowlers rub the ball on their trousers … Adam refuses her offer of another drink but invites her to nets later in the week. Watch out Brenda – he’s definitely not trying to bowl a maiden over!
  • Pat and Tony continue trying to play Happy Families with Helen and Greg but he is having none of it. The ‘youngsters’ go to make coffee and Pat likens the atmosphere to walking on eggshells – does Greg ever snap out of his morose moods? What must it be like for Helen all the time?

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