A crisis for Greg: his daughter in France has not come home and he is summoned.

Radio Times: A crisis call for Greg.

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  • Greg and Helen have slept through the alarm so they have a late start. Before he can get off to the pens Brian arrives to bring an insurance claim form; he has already been to the pens and found that the birds have not been let out and it is gone 7 o’clock. Greg loses his temper on being told how to do his job and comes close to telling Brian what to do with it.
  • The fox is still stalking Bookfield, so Jill is only letting the hens out for a few hours. However she has scrounged some pig fence from Neil and a battery from Joe (best not to ask where that came from). Joe does not think the electric fence will keep out a hungry fox but Jill will take the risk.
  • It is rare for Greg and Helen to have lunch together but today they have managed it. He is just persuaded to count his blessings when the phone rings.
  • Lynda is still proudly showing off her first creation, knitted from home-spun llama wool, to anyone who will look. Jill thinks it is very … . Apparently Robert has teased her about it but one saucepan holder (oh that’s what it is) is all that the first batch would make. Joe and Bartleby ride past and Lynda declares the notice on the side of his trap to be quite absurd. It reads “Foursquare come out and be a man” although as Jill points out, he might be a woman. Joe is determined, if he cannot persuade Lynda to reveal the identity, then he will shame him (or her) instead.
  • Greg’s call was from Michelle. Sonia went out last night and hasn’t come home. Her mother has no idea where she is. What does Michelle expect him to do? Go to France!

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